Laser Dentistry in Denver.

Laser dentistry utilizes modern technology to perform some painless procedures at a much faster speed than conventional dentistry. The hard and soft tissue laser can be used for cavity cleaning and fillings placement, for laser treatment of gum disease, for certain root canal procedures, faster healing of mouth sores, clinical crown lengthening, biological stimulation, and some oral surgery procedures. Many procedures can be done without numbing and less healing time. Our office offers both hard and soft tissue laser procedures which allows for a more comprehensive treatment and for greater array of procedures. For more information please call (720) 596-4760 We Look Forward To Hearing From You.

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Our Patient Testimonials & Dental Services

Dental extractions in Denver for smiling more..

My Experience.

Very Nice, Gentle, and Compassionate.

Invisalign-6 month Braces with a Denver Dentist

Gentle, and the staff was very helpful and answered all my questions.

Denver, Bear Valley Dentist Smiling.
Dr. Semi pulled my tooth I didn’t feel a thing. I was really anxious and nervous. After a couple moments she said “okay we are done” I was so amazed. Love, Love, Dr. Semi.
We Offer Tooth Colored Fillings

“I had dentures made in my hometown they never fit me. I was in Denver visiting my daughter she recommended I try Dr. Semi. I did. She made me new dentures. They fit great. I now wear my dentures everyday they fit great.”


Dentistry FAQ-

  • Q- Does your office take my insurance?
  • A- We take many different insurances. We take both HMO’s and PPO’s, discount plans and Medicad. We also offer our own in office discount plan for those patients that do not have dental insurance.
  • Q-Do we see children?

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        • A- Yes, we do see children. In fact, we offer laser dentistry which means less shots and sometimes no shots. This makes the appointment more comfortable for your child.
        • Q- Do we do payment plans?
        • A- We work with a company called Care Credit. This is a great way to get your treatment paid for and for you to pay affordable monthly payments. (can we have a link to care credit??) We are also very flexible we try to accommodate you as much as possible.
        • Q-What is I need to reschedule or cancel my appointment?
        • A- We kindly request a 24 hour notice so that we may offer this time to another patient. However, we do understand that emergencies happen and will do our best to work with you.
        • Q-What is I am fearful about getting my treatment done?
        • A- It is okay, may patients have a fear of the dentist. We are here to help ease that fear for you. We offer Nirtous Oxide(laughing gas). The doctor can also prescribe you a medication to help relieve anxiety. You will however, need someone to drive you to and from your appointment for this.

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Our Dental Services-

Dental Implants
Dental Extractions
Dental Crown/Bridge
Root Canal
Periodontal Splinting
Invisalign-6 month Braces
Teeth Whitening

Dental Cleanings